Monday, September 28, 2009

zara, you make me proud.

the cut of this dress looks like perfection. i need to get to a zara immediately.

Love you....mean it.

Can we just gaze longingly at the amazingness that is Anna? I mean who else can rock straight off the runway Lanvin and Balmain in the middle of the day and no one finds it the least bit out of place?

Honestly this one deserved a post all its own...pucci..cut outs...sequins. *swoon.*


"She's got legs..."

"....And she knows how to use them!" The best legs in the biz belong to Chloe.

Multiple Shoegasms....

I am absolutely in love with all designs by Charlotte Olympia...Designer Charlotte Dellal is the sister of Alice and Alex, and their father is a Persian real estate developer Guy Dellal(which of course, only makes me loves them more). Posting only one picture of her shoes would do her no justice, so I posted several of her designs.

And the beautiful designer with her equaly stunning sister Alice.

Sunday, September 27, 2009