Friday, November 14, 2008

I get it from my mama...

My dope-ness that is! I wasn't lucky enough to get her level of beauty and amazing cheekbones. (or cooking skills.)
My mom is an AAAAA-MAAAAZING artist. I swear sometimes I think she should have just been selfish and pursued her dreams of being a famous artist and left my poor love stricken father heartbroken so he'd be forced to marry some sub-par woman. But instead, she chose to have my brother and me and be the best Mommy in the whole wide world. (I guess it worked out for me). But I still have hope that her big break is coming. In fact, as soon as I have some spare time I am going to become her agent and get her the recognition she deserves.

Below are some of her older pieces, these are all in my apartment, she's currently in a very fashion inspired phase (she's gone through all kinds of different periods and phases, but this is by far my fav. and I really believe her true calling). She is working on some really amazing pieces, and I will have more pics soon! Until then, enjoy these...I'll make this a regular post and update all her new work. So if any gallery owners or art dealers/collectors are reading, contact me and we'll make some magic happen! ;)

And here she is in all her muse.


  1. wow. the pink one with the legs open and the one with the rose in front of her eye, amazing! Luckily ive been able to see some of her pieces in person, ( and i even own a cima original..remember?) and i agree---she sooooo needs to be a worldwide known artist. she really is amazingly gifted and whatever her phase is, art in general is her calling.
    what a lucky girl you are to have her as a mom and a muse.

  2. Her artwork is amazing. How can I purchase her work? Please email me at


  3. I would love to find out how to purchase her artwork. Please email me at