Friday, March 20, 2009

A Toast to Happiness.

Thank you to the amazingly talented writer of the blog seasonal-lust...sorry i dont know her name. check out her blog...she posts great stuff about fashion but also really amazing observations on life.

"So what is happiness to you?

Happiness to me is not something that you can look for because you won't find it by searching for it; it already lies deep within you. In you is all the happiness in the world. Happiness is accepting the present moment, accepting that you are perfect as you are, at this very second. It is knowing that nothing lasts forever, which intensifies each second and trivializes the future because the future will soon become now, and now will soon become the past. The very essence of life is impermanence, so try to live in the now and appreciate this moment. See it for what it is; passing, ever changing.

If it is sadness that you feel at this moment, know that it, too, shall pass. If it is bliss you feel, appreciate it and be grateful for this very moment. Everything must go. Everything turns into the past.

But what happened to you in the past is not happening to you now."

Wow. well said. i watched a program the other week on pbs with the author eckhart tolle..he was discussing the power of now and something he said really resonated (im paraphrasing) basically, the present is all that matters. the past does not exist. its over, so it doesnt continue to live. and the future doesn't exist because by the time the future gets here it becomes the present. so in essence the only thing that truly exists is the now. (you may have to really think about that, but when it clicks, it changes your view on life, the concept of time and the appreciation of what IS.)


  1. hello love! Thank you for the highlight.

    How strange, It is precisely Eckhard Tolle that inspired me to write this entry. I view "Vanilla Sky" I saw that the message of the movie also aligns with what Tolle teaches. I am reading "A New Earth" and it is so enlightening.

  2. you always recommend the best blogs!!