Tuesday, December 30, 2008



Can we talk about it please?

Look, I'll be honest with you kids, I've never watched an entire episode of Laguna Beach or the Hills. Those youngsters make my brain hurt and none of them are good looking, so it really just doesn't manage to engage any of my senses.

But, as soon as I heard Olivia Palermo was going to be on The City, I knew I had to watch, and I was not at all dissapointed. I'm pretty sure I only blinked during commercial breaks.

There's no way I would enjoy it if it wasn't set in NY. So thank God for that. And while I still think its super fake and just shows how shallow, petty and immature people can be (and considering the shit hole I live in, I don't need any reminders of that on my off time) I still loved every minute.

This will definitely keep me going until either:
A.) The Rachel Zoe show comes back on.
B.) I move back to NY.
C.) I lose this 15 lbs I am determined to rid myself of to have skinny legs once and for all.
D.) All of the above.


  1. Is Olivia big in the US? I've never heard of her!

    Damn UK being behind shows!!!

  2. I love love the Rachel Zoe show...and is coming back! I've heard she just finished taping Season 2!


  3. Ok, I have kept up with the Hills series and yes you are right, the group of girls are not that pretty and their style is less than desirable. I wondered if anyone else noticed that?? They don't even wear make-up or at least nothing that will get them a contract with MAC. Moving right along, I do like The City so far. Thanks to Olivia-Fashion Lives. But the question is, What are we going to do about Whitney?? She needs a dye job and a fashion rebirth. Her look is still, super short cali dresses and skirts, free and easy. Hated it!! I hope to see a tranformation-soon. I as well look forward to Rachel Zoe project and maybe, just maybe, the Style channel will bring back Fashion File. I dont care if it is at 3 or 4am.