Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Bedroom Make-Over

I know it seems like it's taken forever for me to finish my room, but actually it only took a couple weeks, I just never took pics. So today after the carpets were cleaned and I was forced to tidy up more than usual I took the opportunity to snap some flicks....Since it's been so are the before pics again:

And the after...drumroll please.....(you can click on the pics to enlarge them and see more detail)
Bed (headboard and pillows are from Target, as well as the 2 mirrored cube side tables, the fur rugs are from Wal-Mart!):

Close-up of my pillows, which I adore, they have a very Missoni look to them.

Desk with my "Ghost Chair" (the desk is from Ikea).

My favorite piece, a sculpture I found that symblozies chivalry and love for me. And my portrait of Versace, my all time favorite designer. (the statue was a treasure I found at Marshalls of all places!)

All the paintings are by my mom who is the most talented artist! The ottomans are leather shaped hearts. (the ottomons are from some random little furniture shop.)

It's hard to see, but to the left is a lucite buddha statue that compliments my ghost chair. (I found the Buddha at T.J. Maxx.)

All the drawers and boxes on this shelf hold my jewelry, sunglasses and extra magazines. (all the boxes, magazine holders and drawers are from Ikea.)

Both sides of my closet: all the rubbermaid containers hold folded clothes that are labeled with what items are contained. (I'm an organization freak.)

Behind all the curatins that line the back wall, we mounted shelves that hold a very very small portion of shoe collection, which is well over 400 pairs at this point. (Very sick, I know. I have a weakness for shoesies.) The shoe boxes below contain all my flats and boots and are all labeled.


  1. Your bedroom makeover turned out fantastic! We have some pieces in common, the fur rugs and the Louis Ghost Chair. My Boudoir is French Victorian,inspired by Marie Antoinette.

  2. oooh i want to see! email me pics! xo

  3. this is absolutely inspiring!! you went from 'dorm room' to a lady's room. I love high beds and the touches of white in your room are so elegant! I feel an urge for a makeover now... lol. not good.

  4. i know right? i had just moved back into my parents so i had to cram everything in my room, after living in a 2 bedroom apartment for 5 years. i was so happy when i cleared it all out, i hate clutter. my closet still drives me nuts because its so small and everything is smushed in there. :(

    you should do a mini room makeover! i got everything from ikea, target and can do amazing things with very little money if you just plan ahead and know exactly what youre looking for! xo

    p.s. thank you, she so talented im very proud of her, she has a solo exhibition tonight actually! ill post pics!

  5. I'm so glad I came across your blog through Raven, I love it(and adore your Mother's paintings). I love your room make-over, it's so simple with elegent little pieces here and there, I love that most of the pieces are white. I want to leave work to start a room make-over of my own=} Thanks for sharing!

  6. thank you so much! i love all the white too. it is so calming. you spend so much time in yoru room i think it should be a serene place but still be functional! and thank you for the compliment about the paintings! we are going to start a t-shirt line soon based on her art! im very excited. check back and i will update when they are available!

    and you should def. so a room makeover, its so much fun!!

    and i love my ray ray! ;)

  7. I love the bedroom make over as well. The mirrored side table are fab-will look for those this weekend. You have inspired me to go gunghoe with my bedroom!! I am so impressed that you got everything from "affordable" places. All three stores are near me. Will update w/photos of my progress.

  8. Love the room maker over! What color is that on your walls? Grey?

  9. I LOVE it Bebe! Very YOU! Very classy! I haven't even begun to redo my bedroom yet, but I am sooo excited to get started! And it's true, you don't need a lot of money to make your space look adorable and stylish. Those are my favorite stores when it comes to home shopping (TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, Ikea, Walmart). Love it!

  10. organized much?
    your room looks beautiful! and the weirdest/funniest thing about you is that i dont think you ever have a "dirty room" week.
    nope, im pretty sure you dont.