Monday, May 18, 2009

Mama's Art Exhibit

My mom had an art exhibit at a local gallery showcasing some of her work. There was a great turn out and I am extrememly proud of her. The paintings are for sale and will be on display through June 4th at Mountain Shadow Gallery.

The Arteeeest, my beautiful mama.

And what I wore 5/14/09


  1. You look fab of course! but I am loving loving your Moms art Bebe, its beautiful! Congrats to her!!! I need to own a piece!

  2. Aww, your mom is a doll! I want some of your mom's art! You look hot!

  3. Your mom's art is ridiculous (in a good way). She has hella talent. I predict she will go very far in the art world. I would love to own a few pieces.

  4. i love your mother's work! would love the have the second one. loving the red.