Friday, January 15, 2010

blog love. made by girl.

the thing i love most about my readers comments is that i always get to explore new blogs owned by the commenter! and one of my favorite things to spend the day doing is finding new blogs and reading all the posts since they started...which is exactly what happened when Jennifer Ramos who owns the blog made by girl left a comment!

her blog is so fantastic! i litterally spent 3 hours going through all the older posts and saving pictures and being inspired by her creativity! i actually got sleepy and had to mark where i left off so i could come back and continue later.

im sure you all will have the same experience! so go check out the blog here and her online store here! She makes fabulous prints and cards!

And here's some of her work you can purchase:

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  1. I love coming across new blogs, your the one that put me onto Where Did U Get That. Keep sharing!