Wednesday, January 7, 2009

just put the schick down and nobody gets hurt

i love men with beards. maybe it's my Persian-ness that inevitably can't fight the attraction to excessive hairiness, but i just think it makes boys look like men. (and at the end of the day aren't they ALL boys?)

if you have one, dont shave it.
if you dont have one, grow one.

and now lets salivate over some sexy men with beards.

George Clooney

Jason Lee

James Franco, who, while looking for a picture of, I found out is dating some new girl and is off the market. Apparently this is a day of heartbreak for me. First Kylie and Andres, then my crush shaving his beard and now this.
(Don't you just love how I treat these things as though Im crossing paths with James Franco and Andres Segura everyday and the only thing stopping me from having them is their girlfriends?)
And of course....

I know you didn't think I'd leave out my Georgie.

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