Saturday, January 24, 2009

what i wore today 1/23/09


I actually changed out of the leggings, because my mom saw them and wanted to take them to l.a. with her. I figured she gave me the gift of life, its the least I could do.


(I'm hoping its just the angle of the pic, because I don't think I looked this short and stubby in person. At least, I hope.)


  1. I like the pants, however, they are very tricky. I've seem a couple of magazines advertisements with them on models and im still if-fy about them. I was thinking about buying them for the boutique, but I dont know if everyone will "get" it (the look) or know how to rock it nor experiment w/the look. I think you did a good job though.
    I saw some denim one's when I was in New York, a month ago. Of course, I'm upset that I didn't get them. I know I could have rocked them in demin. Damn! Damn! Damn!

  2. I think the problem with this pair was they were TOO baggy and balloony. I had to take them back because the zipper broke, so I just decided to return them all together. At least I got one wear out of them. I need to pick up a pair of boys trousers and just roll them up! I think that will fit better! I'm on the soon! ;)