Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lions and Tigers and SNAKES??? Oh my! (Part One)

I've always loved animal inspired jewelry and clothing. I live for leopard print anything...but I'm super picky on the print. You know how sometimes leopard print can be uber tacky and other times it screams Cavalli? Its a slippery slope....but I know my love of leopard print will never fade away.

I was, of course, OB-SESSED with the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo (and sidebar: is Bravo, like the ONLY channel that has anything worth watching?) I am so sad the season was so short, what was that, like 5 episodes? So depressing. Anyway, Rachel's love of the excessive is a passion I share. I adored all her jewelry and huge glasses. But in EVERY episode what stood out the most to me was the aaaaaaaamazing Cartier Panther ring she always wore. I mean seriously, that ring is at least $14,000, I assume more since her's is probably vintage. I've scoured the net for a pic of her exact one, but I can only find less lust worthy versions...

Panthere de Cartier Ring:
Here's the knock off version I managed to track down for myself, I already got one but it was too big so I sold it in my boutique. It was litterally on the shelf for about 20 minutes before a fabulous chick bought it! When mine comes (hopefully it fits this time) I'm going to change the eyes to emerald green stones and give it a more expensive look:

(If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these rings contact me and I will see if I can get more! If the emerald eye switch looks good I may be able to do that for you too! I'll post pics of my ring as soon as I get it!)

I also just received this amazing bracelet today, and I should be getting more in the store soon, I will be hearing from my vendor tomorrow! I am no less than obsessed with it, I may even sleep with it on. Its so beautiful in person and the color contrasts between the gold, black enamel and green eyes are to die!

(Again if anyone is interested contact me, I'll have prices and dates of delivery soon!)

Just in time for Halloween and very Cleopatra-esque, I'm considering purchasing this snake necklace, but I'm not sure if it looks too cheap. Perhaps if paired with the right ensemble, like a black kimono sleeve one shoulder vintage maxi dress? It's Soooo, "Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 wearing Halston and sitting next to the man himself" no? (I think I just sold myself on the necklace with that mental image! Ha!)

I seriously already own enough animal inspired pieces (but since when does that stop me from getting more?) I have this amazing snake cuff (that I'm too lazy to take a pic of right now, but I'll post later) And also a vintage looking oversized Lion medallion necklace, which I will also post later...both are from my store but currently sold out. If I get a sense that there's demand for them I will do my best to get more in! I'll post those as a continuation to this posting along with my animal inspired clothing and shoe selections! Stay tuned for part deux!

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