Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thank God for Fierceness like this...

It just keeps me going and inspired. Between Beyonce season (We'll discuss that soon) and Lady GaGa I will be very inspired for a while.

Why are there so few cool, talented, creative, tranny-esque entertainers?

We need a real drag queen....we need another Rupaul! Until then Lady GaGa will suffice.

I really want to go see her and New Kids on the Block in Concert in San that's what I call a "dream ticket"!

And may absorb all her fab-u-licious-ness!

This last pic is the only inspiration I have gotten for a Halloween costume...maybe I could be Donatella Versace? Or I could follow in Lady GaGa's footsteps and be some kind fo Glam Rock Supastar!
I want to do something as fun and unique as I did last year...I basically copied the hair, costume and make up from Beyonce's Kitty Kat Video:

And Moi...

Yeah, I think I have to keep pondering and see what amazing creation I can come up with that could possibly outshine last year! ;)

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  1. Ok, you freakin NAILED this look! Go Bebekins!