Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What I wore Today...

I am going to do my very best to post my daily outfits (sometimes that would mean two outfits if there's an evening outfit change!) Posting the pics requires me to remember to take one everyday AND have someone around to take it, soooo I will definitely miss some days, especially on the days my selections are sub par due to lack of sleep or general crankiness. But, I've always enjoyed checking out people's style on other blogs and getting inspired by it.

There's a website called mystylediary.com, I used to be on it and I tried to update regularly, unfortunately that didn't last long. But, for those that want to do the same type of thing and see other people's style its a lot of fun!

So, for the first "What I wore today" post..my outfit for work (it's technically from yesterday, considering it's almost 3am now.):

Shoes, belt, tiger bracelet and peace necklace are all available at Collage Boutique! www.collage-boutique.com

Here's one from a couple weeks ago, I had planned to have the blog up a lot sooner than when I actually got around to it:

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